Web Design Trends For 2018

Web Design landscapes are constantly evolving and maturing, but with every year there are noticeable trends to look out for. We try to look at the best web design trends for 2018 that will shape the digital landscape for this year and the future.

Web Design Trends To Look For In 2018

1) Bold Typography

Jim Benner runs the website for this waterfall taps retailer and these vacuum excavators and roll compactor equipment retailers and notes “2017 was all about the clean image and clutter free web pages. In 2018 as an addition to the minimalistic look, web design companies are also looking for bold typographies. Using bold fonts, big typographies are becoming especially popular for media agencies that want a clean look for their home pages.”

2) Brutalism

While some companies are looking to keep it clean, others like this seo manchester business or this hairdressers warrington small business want to stand out. Making a dash with the unconventional is the brutalism web design trend with no standard formats and eclectic structures. Many of these web pages have been designed to have asymmetrical visual, no hierarchy and non-conforming visuals aspects. While it can be jarring, it is surely attention-grabbing. We don’t know if the trend will last but it sure does help you stand out from the crowd.

3) Text Only

Mary Grayson runs the website for this beauty treatments Milton Keynes business and also this ham gift retailer and says “Taking clean design to a whole other level, what do you think of text-only web designs? Stark colors, no images, no navigation sections, plain to the point text that grabs the readers attention and directs them to appropriate sections on the website. A trend that’s catching up in a big way in 2018, but one we are not personally fans of.”

4) Organic Shapes

Peter Barnes runs the web design for this self storage manchester business and also for this assisted living chicago service and oil sampling company and notes “Research has shown that the human body responds better to organic shapes with curves rather than stark lines or grids? Although unconventional it does provide a good look for the website. Colors are an important factor in this design methodology with each website getting its own personality.”

Which of these popular website design trends do you think will carry on to the future and which will remain buried in the 2018 catalog? Let us know your thoughts.

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