Travel Photo Thursday: Turkish-Egyptian Belly Dancer

The lights dimmed and she glided gracefully into the middle of floor. The music starts and we hear the sound of the drums creating a beat that was tribal. All eyes were glued to the beautiful dancer as she started to shimmy.  Her hands skillfully beckoning and her hair seductively swirling. Even the thick tobacco smoke cannot conceal the sparkle of her golden coins. We were mesmerized.

She moves to the corner of the room where she picks up a large sword. She twirls it around and unsheath it. I gasped as she places the big silver sword on top of her head. My tummy tightens as I anticipate disaster. But alas, she balances the sword on top of her head while she continues to dance. The crowd starts to clap as she moves faster. It was at that moment that I felt that I was transported into another world.

That night I was in a Turkish tent in the middle of the desert. Sipping hot mint tea as I lazily inhale from my hookah. I was part of a caravan and we were on our way to mysterious and unexplored territories. My phone buzzes on my lap and reality sets in. I realize that I need to go on a search for good deals on Turkey holidays. For now part of my bucket list is to learn belly dancing in Turkey. Perhaps Istanbul or Bodrum? Regardless, I’m going to make it happen.

This is my submission for Travel Photo Thursday. Check out Budget Travelers Sandbox to see more great shots!

Travel Photo Thursday: Peruvian Child

I really secretly like children. That is until they start to cry or make a mess =p In any case, I love taking photos of them. They are always so sweet and so innocent. It’s also very rewarding when you get them to smile at the camera. This one was walking around with a stack of white paper. Shy at first she finally gave me a cheeky grin or it was probably more like a smirk because she couldn’t wait to get away from another tourist.


This is my submission for Travel Photo Thursday. Check out Budget Travelers Sandbox to see more great shots!

The Philosophy behind Solo Travel

Traveling is a conscious departure from our mundane lives. It is a vehicle which propels us into motion. One which sets off a string of events that requires us to engage all of our senses. No second guessing, no over analyzing, just pure instinct. The moment we give in to this is the moment we feel most alive. We’re out of the box and we are free to be whatever shape we want to be. There’s room to breathe and time to savor the luxury of being yourself. By yourself. No expectations, no nagging voices, just the vision of the road ahead of you.

It’s easy. Really. It takes a few steps.

Step 1 Breathe

Step 2 Relax

Step 3 Let go

Know that you will never be the same person as when you started the journey. You will be a better person.

As the French say: “Sentiment exaltant ressenti par toute la conscience” that is, involves one’s whole being. This is the philosophy behind solo travel.

This post is my contribution to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival. For the month of  April the theme is solo travel. The compilation will be hosted by Philippine Blog Awards Best Travel Blog of 2010 Winner – Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering.