A balikbayan’s guide to an awesome food experience in the Philippines

So you haven’t been back to the Philippines in a while huh? As a balikbayan you are probably spoiled by the gastronomic delights of different cuisines abroad. You have most likely dined in gastro pubs, two star Michelin restaurants and even the latest chi chi eatery in town. So naturally your criteria for pleasing your sophisticated and worldly palette is set high.

However,  when it comes to Filipino food you know that an awesome experience in the motherland would constitute of the following well executed dishes or treats:

1. Classic Filipino dishes done right

Rule of thumb is to load up your plate with a sampling of food. 1. White rice- the foundation of any Filipino plate 2. Lechon- roast pork 3. Binagoongan- pork in shrimp paste with steamed vegetables 4. Sago’t Gulaman- caramelized sugar drink with gelatin 5. Kaldereta- goat in tomato and liver paste 6. Dinuguan – blood pudding stew 7. Lumpia- pork or vegetable spring rolls

 Where to eat

At a Philippine province during fiesta or at a handaan/salu-salu (get together) on your honor. You will be sure to get homemade dishes made from scratch.

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