Something MASSIVE is coming to San Diego!

America’s finest city is now part of the Travel Massive family!

Travel writers, agents, bloggers, press, social media aficionados, adventure and outdoor travel companies – all involved in the travel industry, are invited to join.What started out as a casual meeting on a Sydney rooftop bar has now grown into massive events in 28 cities attracting international guests and travel CEOs. See the world wide line up at Travel

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I popped my TBEX cherry: Observations and Takeaways from TBEX 2012

I’m a TBEX virgin no more. Here are a few of my observations and takeaways from the TBEX 2012 Conference in Keystone, Colorado. I also threw in a few recommendations based on my experience attending tons of conferences for different industries as an attendee/sponsor/exhibitor.


The Keystone Conference Center was just the right size for 700 attendees (plus the pluses). The amenities were adequate and the service excellent. I don’t know if it’s the high altitude or something in the water but people in Colorado seem generally happy and friendly. Speaking of high altitude, it was hard to get acclimated in a short period of time so I often felt exhausted by early afternoon but had difficulty sleeping after the after parties. I know more than a few attendees experienced the same issue.

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Travel Hero: Get to know the adventurous couple from GQ trippin

I’ve featured a motorcycle travel blogger in the past and another Pinay on the move (who is currently enjoying her round the world trip), so for this month of love I decided to feature a couple I met through one of my gear review/giveaway contests on this website. I was curious to find out the dynamics of traveling with another person who is not simply a friend but one you have a relationship with. Being a long time solo traveler  I think I’m at a point where I’m starting to feel the desire to travel with, for lack of a better term, a special someone. I think G & Q at GQ trippin provided me with some good insight and I’m positive that I’ll soon have other couples on this series.

G & Q is a twenty-something couple from the San Francisco Bay Area. G’s job quit him and Q’s taking a career break. You can join their adventure as they see, eat and trip around the world in 2012.

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