Five Improvements To Make Your Home More Efficient That Pay For Themselves

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Before continuing reading, ask yourself this question … How much energy do you think you waste at home?

I Will Give You Some Clues: you may leave more than one device on standby, that you do not regulate the proper power of certain appliances or kitchen appliances, that you have more lights on than necessary or that they are not efficient, that your doors and windows they are not well insulated …

The truth is that an essential part of your electricity bill comes from many mistakes like these that we hardly take into account.

Efficiency? Yes! Although you do not need to build a lamp capable of turning off when you have your eyes closed. But, hey, if you get bitten by the bug … here’s the step by step.

New technologies bring more and more improvements in this regard. One of its most potent commercial hooks is, precisely, increasingly intelligent management of the energy consumed, something essential to stop this galloping escalation of energy consumption that we are experiencing in our civilization.

Our environmental footprint, our survival as a species and, for many people, also reach the end of the month, radically depends on starting to adopt measures, habits, and aids in the form of new devices that help us achieve it.

That’s why today I’m going to talk about some ideas to replace the old energy swallows that you have at home, in the form of high consumption appliances and gadgets, for new creations whose investment you have amortized before you imagine.

First Master Purchase: LED And Low Consumption Lights

According to the use you give to the light in your house (and depending on how dark it is and the amount of natural light that there is in your region and at each time of the year), the lighting can be between 10% and 20 % of your electric bill.

Keeping this in mind, you should be changing all your incandescent lights to LEDs or compact fluorescents with low consumption today.

Its prolonged duration will multiply your profitability, and you will save up to 75% of that energy item in your home from the pull.

Also, there are LED gadgets such as Lunara that will change the way you move around the house at night: you leave them connected to an outlet and, thanks to their motion sensor, they turn on when you pass by them.

Thanks to its type of lighting without white or blue lights, illuminate your way to the bathroom, the kitchen, or the movements of children in your bed without waking up or suppressing your production of melatonin, not making your brain believe that it is already day and turning it on.

If you consider that Lunara has an estimated duration of 40,000 hours, if you use it 10 hours a day, it will accompany you and remedy your moments of darkness for more than ten years.

Another example is the light bulbs like this Philips, able to replace by light power a 100W incandescent bulb but saving you on the way hundreds of euros over the more than nine years that is estimated to last.

An Intelligent Power Switch

It not only avoids voltage spikes. Besides, it’s on/off button ensures that not a single watt is wasted while it is off.

It will save you a lot of time plugging and unplugging appliances, and it will also give a feeling of a higher order, avoiding the dance of unplugged cables.

An Intelligent Thermostat: Tado

Not only does he have one of the coolest names in the whole home improvement catalog of the universe – he comes from the Japanese greeting “tadaima” and “okaeri,” welcome home.

In addition, this upgrade of the future  learns the shape of your home  to warm it up intelligently, connects only to the weather forecast  to know when it is better to let the sun work partially on its warm-up, and tells you at the moment and via app, to your smartphone or pc, how much energy you have spent today on detail.

Tado ° reduces your heating expense by up to 31%. This means, instead of paying $200, spend only $138. Or instead of $990 per year (the USA average), go down to $683.1.

Also, tado ° is compatible with almost all heating systems: 95% (more than 5,000, 290 brands).

A Low Consumption Showerhead

Because water is equally important, not everything was going to be energy in this post. (Wrong) We spend tons of liters of liquid gold every year in each house.

And one of the fastest ways to stop this waste is to put aerators in all the taps of the house, which reduce the flow without having the feeling of using less quantity.

In the shower we have many models that will help us achieve the same effect, saving up to 75% of the flow rate with traditional artichokes.

Exterior Lights Powered By Solar Energy

Can you improve the comfort and livability of the exterior of your home, without having to spend a lot of money? Of course.

Today many lighting types of equipment work with solar charge, and that is reinforced with a high degree of protection (IP), so you do not have to worry about wiring or its survival to rain or wind.

So you can set your terrace, illuminate trails in your garden or place security lights to scare away unwanted visitors, with a minimum investment in the short and long term.