This Pinay is sitting still no more



Finally on the road again. Nervous energy. Excitement. Tackling my longest trip by far – a #3monthsabbatical around 15 European countries. It’s not really slow travel but I’m still doing it on my own terms. I need this. I want to be thrown out of my comfort zone again so I can feel and experience things beyond my own little bubble. It was getting so comfortable yet stagnant.

Deep breath.

Here goes.

Wish me luck!

Suzie’s Organic Farm Tour + Bonus Recipe


I used to spend summers in my grandfather’s citrus farm when I was a wee child. I remember the sheer delight of running wild, rolling around the dirt and catching dragonflies. Those were the pre-internet/tablet/smartphone days and children had to resort to their imaginations to keep themselves entertained. Ah, life was so simple back then.

Which brings us to present day where I’ve been planning to visit an organic farm for what seems like forever and finally did! Fortunately, one of the largest ones in Southern California is located in San Diego. Suzie’s Farm offers seasonal tours hosted by it’s gracious owner Lucila along with the farm’s motley canine (and human) crew. You can spot one of them striking a pose for me during golden hour.

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Something MASSIVE is coming to San Diego!

America’s finest city is now part of the Travel Massive family!

Travel writers, agents, bloggers, press, social media aficionados, adventure and outdoor travel companies – all involved in the travel industry, are invited to join.What started out as a casual meeting on a Sydney rooftop bar has now grown into massive events in 28 cities attracting international guests and travel CEOs. See the world wide line up at Travel

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