My name is Grace. I’m a thirty something living in sunny San Diego with a little shih tzu called Roxy. I’m a professional recruiter at a local e-commerce company. When I’m not at work I maintain a broad range of interests and hobbies in order to keep my life spicy.  You could say I live a semi non-traditional bi-cultural lifestyle. What the heck does that mean? a) I straddle the line between being modern and being old-fashioned. I’m not a social deviant but I also don’t subscribe to a specific formula of how life should be lived; b) I grew up in a third world country called the Philippines and moved to America 7ish years ago. I’ve adapted to the culture here but I still have a lot of “fresh off the boat” moments.  To put it all simply, I march to the beat of my own drum, sometimes, in two different languages. It can get confusing but it’s a lot of fun as it opens me up to some pretty awesome experiences which I blog about.

Here you’ll find a smorgasbord of my local explorations, travel adventures, kitchen experiments, eclectic style and everything else that I’m passionate about. If you’re always on the move like I am, then we are going to get along splendid with no translation necessary. I promise to share with you what’s new and unique. If you are lucky, I might even help you brush up on some life hacking skills.

So just tune in, leave a sassy comment or connect with me on the social web.

Some other things you might want to know about me:

1) Pinay means Filipina = a woman from the Philippines.  It’s not my name but a slang word for my nationality. Yes, I’m a legal alien in the US of A.

2) Once upon a time I escaped being scammed in Bolivia.

3) In my twenties I lived in Tokyo and before leaving Japan I had this crazy idea to climb Mt. Fuji solo.

4) I managed to embarrass myself in front of Nathan Fillion but managed to share an elevator ride with Iron Man!

5) This used to be a “travel blog” but I decided that I am passionate about other things that I want to write about so why place myself in just one category? Right?


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  1. Grace

    Appreciate you letting me know Lea. I had girls like you in mind. Start early! There is never too little money to travel. Just do it!

  2. @idelishTravel

    Awesome new blog design! Also love how you tell your story. I agree that traveling solo as a woman RTW is definitely a feat that not many from Asia have accomplished. Best of luck in achieving your goals!

  3. yols

    Wow! I am so glad to see so many pinay bloggers these days – so inspiring. I just found your blog and I have a whole lot of backreading to do! ^.^

  4. Will Peach

    Hey Grace! Just discovered your blog and loved reading it. So great to hear the opinions of a Pinay – hahaha I had no idea what that meant before coming here but I like the word a lot. Anyway just want to say keep up all the good work and I hope we can cross paths somewhere in the world soon!


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