Suzie’s Organic Farm Tour + Bonus Recipe


I used to spend summers in my grandfather’s citrus farm when I was a wee child. I remember the sheer delight of running wild, rolling around the dirt and catching dragonflies. Those were the pre-internet/tablet/smartphone days and children had to resort to their imaginations to keep themselves entertained. Ah, life was so simple back then.

Which brings us to present day where I’ve been planning to visit an organic farm for what seems like forever and finally did! Fortunately, one of the largest ones in Southern California is located in San Diego. Suzie’s Farm offers seasonal tours hosted by it’s gracious owner Lucila along with the farm’s motley canine (and human) crew. You can spot one of them striking a pose for me during golden hour.


The tour that we picked was called Midsummer Twilight’s Trip which lasted for 3 hours. The experience consisted of a small group walking around a few acres of farm and sampling whatever produce we can pick from the ground. What we didn’t expect was that we could actually bring some of the produce home. Not sure if you are allowed to bring bags nor if there is a limit to what you can take but I suggest you call to ask them if you plan to take this tour.

Lucila and staff were warm and welcoming. They talked us through the history of the farm and gave us useful bits of information on everything that we saw and tasted. The farm is located close to the Mexican border. They grow¬† over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round. Suzie’s “farm-ily” includes 85 employees, a handful of happy farm dogs, and a fleet of 300 egg-laying hens. They are known for their local CSA program as well as largely supplying San Diego’s top restaurants and food trucks with the best organic produce.

These photos cannot describe the wonderful flavors of fresh picked produce. I was literally making myself basil tomato appetizers as we wandered around. I’ve been so used to buying everything from the grocery that it was such a novelty to go direct to the source…to witness where my food comes from.

The farm also offers a small space for events. We happen to stumble upon a wedding reception…set to a romantic string of lights and acoustic music.

You should definitely check Suzie’s Farm out…their Autumnal Equinox Dinner is actually coming up this September. For $150 you are served a four course meal made by San Diego’s top chefs including Brian Malarkey.

Farm Wedding

My farm loot below which I roasted and paired with a fluffy egg cast iron concoction and my home roasted latte.

To make the egg all you need is to whip up:

6-8 eggs

1/2 cup of milk

1/8 teaspoon of salt

pinch or two of pepper and/or smoked paprika

pinch or two of any herb of your choice

optional: grated cheese of choice- I used extra sharp cheddar, you can set aside some to generously sprinkle over

Just pour into a cast iron skillet and place inside the oven at 350 degrees. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the egg rises.

Fluffy Cast Iron Egg with Roasted Farm Veggies

For the roasted veggies, any type of organic vegetable would be great. I mixed squash, tomato, onion and peppers on mine in a try then roasted them in an oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. I placed some kale on the tray 10 minutes before time ended which made it very crispy. I wanted some crunchy flakes on top of my egg which added a nice pop of flavor and texture to it.

Definitely one of the freshest breakfast I’ve made.


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