Top Travel Trends and Destinations for 2012 Part 2

You’ve read the first part of POTM’s Top Travel Trends and Destinations for 2012. Now you’ll be able to find out what your favorite indie bloggers from the Philippines think about these 3 questions:

1. What do you think are the top travel destinations for 2012?

2. What travel trends do you see becoming popular in 2012?

3. If you focus on a specific travel niche (ex. adventure, solo, family, budget, food, etc) what emerging trends (for that niche) do you see coming out in 2012?

Ron of FlipTravels

Travel is relative, I can only speak for myself and perhaps in behalf of other backpackers/flashpackers within my age bracket (18-45 yo. LOL), who choose to ignore 3d/2n offer in the Maldives because it will cost a total budget for a whole month in Nepal.

1. With the emergence of LCC and the steep incline in blog readership, people are becoming more and more adventurous and trying to start exploring a lesser known destinations. Travelers this year will veer away from the usual city destinations and places like Luang Prabang in Laos, Andalucia in Spain, Cartagena in Columbia and even the lesser popular safari like Uganda is expected to receive more tourists. The more exotic it sounds the better it would look on your Facebook wall or hourly tweets.

Of course, top beaten paths like London will be a hit because of the 2012 Summer Olympics and The Chichen Itza in Mexico because of the 2012 end of the world hullabaloo.

2. Only few lucky bas**** can afford luxury tours and not a lot of travel junkies can afford to go on a long term travel and give up their jobs. So a pseudo backpacking weekend trips is becoming more popular with the young professionals. The trend this year will be focusing in the mid segment of backpacker-luxury travel continuum.

3. I travel on a shoestring budget and I belong to the traveler/blogger niche. Most of us are also earning from our blogs on top of the pay slip that we get from our day jobs. That is why a lot of us can afford to resign or go for a year-long hiatus to be on the road and live an indie-nomadic online earning life. Earning on the road is becoming a very promising trend.

Ron is a Filipino medical & forensic investigator in Singapore and a self proclaimed artist, photo hobbyist (a guy with a camera), wanderlust and a backpacking enthusiast. An ordinary looking corporate creature with a neck tie used as disguise and he transforms into a traveler extraordinaire when he’s on vacation leave. He’s allergic to packages tours, iced caramel machiato is his power source and the camera is his weapon of choice.

He is half of the backpacking and storytelling duo of FLIPTRAVELS.COM



Lois of We Are Sole Sisters

1. Underrated destinations like Laos, Bolivia, Myanmar and Croatia.

2. Taking the path less traveled is becoming a trend. Backpacking is also getting more and more popular as people discover budget airlines and affordable accommodations like Roomorama.

3. Our focus is on female travel and we’ve noticed a lot of women are braving the world as solo travelers. This new breed of nomadic chicks are brazen, smart and very adaptable. Also, as more women are consumed by wanderlust, travel is getting ‘sexified’.

Sole Sisters is the story of 2 girls who quit their jobs to follow their passion for chic and cheap travel. They have just completed a 6 month backpacking trip around India and Southeast Asia covering 9 countries on a less than $2500 budget. They will conquer the Philippines from north to south in 21 days without flights this coming March 2012. 



Marky of Nomadic Experiences

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