POTM’s Best of Travel 2011 #besttravel2011

My friends Mica from Senyorita and Debbie from European Travelista recently tagged me on the Best of Travel 2011 project that Jeremy from Budget Travel Adventures started. I’ve been meaning to do a quick recap of 2011 and thought that this would be a great way to capture a year of travel.

I must say that I have not traveled as much as I want to in 2011 as I spent most of my time focusing on a new job in a new city. It has, however, given me time to sit down and finally create this travel blog back in March 2011. It’s been an enriching experience which has also allowed me to meet a wonderful community of travelers and bloggers who share the same passion.

So cheers to 2011 you’ve been good to us. But now 2012 is here so we gotta keep on moving! In fact, I’ve been thinking of some exciting trips from traveling by horseback in Mongolia to cheap holidays to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.



Best Travel Destination 2011

The Big Easy was my best travel destination in 2011. I didn’t know what to expect during my first trip to New Orleans which happened to be on a weekend where they were predicting a tropical storm as epic as Hurricane Katrina. It turned out to be a dud. But the trip turned out to be awesome! You can catch a glimpse of the sights, sound and spirits of New Orleans on this post I wrote. Also, I got to meet one of my favorite travel bloggers Glen Abbott of The Travelin’ Gringo and his wife since they now live the sweet life in NOLA.



Best Travel Experience 2011

Going back home is always a great travel experience. In May, I had the opportunity to not only spend time with my family but I was also able to visit my parents’ hometown province of Nueva Ecija after a decade of being away. This was a place I used to spend my summers as a child which made it really special. I had a blast watching carabaos race (you gotta see the video on this link…totally rad action shot of the race) and loading up my plate with delicious fiesta fare.




Best International Destination 2011

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