Tom Bihn Travel Bag Giveaway Winner

Two week ago we started a second travel bag giveaway sponsored by Tom Bihn.

And the lucky winner is Gerard of GQtrippin who also happens to be gearing up for an RTW trip December 2011. W00t! Congratulations =) You also win $50 worth of Kiva cards.

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  1. Lois:

    ay sayang! I almost won. Better luck next time :-) Congrats Gerard!

  2. Grace:

    I know sayang nga. Meron naman next time!

  3. Grace:

    Are you guys thinking of using it for your RTW? That would be so cool!!!!

  4. Cathy Sweeney:

    Congrats, Gerard! Enjoy your travels with your cool new Tom Bihn bag!

  5. Ordinary Traveler:

    Shoot! How did I miss this giveaway? Congrats to the winner!

  6. Roy Marvelous:

    Yay again for Kiva :)

  7. Shirlene (Idelish):

    Congratulations Gerard!

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