Travel Photo Thursday: Blast from the Travel Past

OMG. Do you remember back in the day when people still wrote on paper? I found my old journal while cleaning house last weekend and in the process

found a photo of my 18 year old self along with a disgustingly sappy journal entry. I seriously don’t know what it was all about. Vancouver, Canada circa 1999.

I actually still write on paper when I travel. Do you?

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  1. Debbie Beardsley:

    The budding writer! What a great momento. You must have been thrilled to come across this memory.

  2. James Clark:

    Wow, what a great find for you to look back at! In 1999 I moved to London and I was still writing letters then. That year I also started using email, so the letter writng soon came to an end.

  3. Technosyncratic:

    What a great find! I rarely write anything personal down when we travel (or ever, really), which is one of the reasons I was compelled to start a travel blog. One day it will be a great way to look back on all my memories. :)

  4. Aleah |

    I always carry a small notebook with me. The other day while waiting for a bus in Kanchanaburi, a single thought occurred to me. I ended up using up 5 pages of my notebook, writing like crazy in the sidewalk in Thailand :D

  5. Sailor:

    That is an interesting picture! I cant find my old pictures anymore. They are back in my parents place in a box.

  6. Rease:

    I like the photo. I also still use notebooks when traveling. Once, I forgot a notebook on a short plane ride and I got an inspiration for a poem. I begged the flight attendant for paper and she told me they didn´t have any. I ended up ripping a page out of the book I had brought!

  7. Grace:

    What? you threw it away? hmmm are you sure it was a journal or your little black book? =)

  8. Grace:

    Debbie, I was so thrilled to see how this crazy desire to write and travel started. But the sappiness and angst was just too much for me to read. I was laughing out loud after the entry.

  9. Bob Crunch:

    Great photo. I still write things down when I travel, but mostly just to document funny things that happened so I can reminisce in them later and laugh.

  10. Faith:

    I definitely still write on paper! Words flow so much easier for me on paper. I definitely wrote a lot of entries like this when I was 18 :)

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