POTM’s take on the ‘My 7 Links’

My friend Roy from Cruisesurfingz just nominated me to take part in the My 7 Links Project. If you are wondering what this is, it’s a project started by Tripbase to unite bloggers from all sectors to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

Even if POTM is only 5 months old I feel proud to have posts which I can use for this project. Here they are:

 Most beautiful post

The Philosphy behind Solo Travel – This one is a short but sweet post on WHY I travel solo. It was my contribution to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival. Solo travel is a topic that I wish to explore more on this blog.

Most popular post

Filipino Names: Cracking the System – I had so much fun writing this post which is why I think a lot of people (especially non-Filipinos) liked it. It was a true reflection on one of our cultural quirks as Filipinos.

Most controversial post

8 Things I Love & Hate about America – Or what I thought was going to be a sensitive subject since American readers might view it as a critique on their culture. As it turns out a few of them agreed on some of my hates like materialism and lack of vacation. It was cool to see that I was not the only one who has thought about and observed these things. 

Most helpful post

How I escaped a dangerous scam! Yes title says it all. This is a true story. I thought this was a great example for solo female travelers on what NOT to do when you are in a foreign country. There is also a link below on lessons on how to avoid scams which you can click through.

Post whose success surprised me

Top 8 Quirky Tokyo Tidbits – Again one of the posts I had fun writing (note to self: people like fun posts). I almost dismissed it as a space filler because it was too specific but it seemed that people like learning about quirky cultural tidbits. Japan is also one of the countries I have had the chance to work and live in so I do plan to write more about it.

Post I feel didn’t got the attention it deserved

Vantage Point: Battle of the Skirts in Bolivia – This post was part of my first attempt to write a blog post series. I think folks might have gotten overloaded by my Bolivia stories. It was a particularly interesting post about women wrestlers in Bolivia. I have a companion video on these Fighting Cholitas wrestling if you scroll down the bottom of the linked page.

Post that I am most proud of

Celebrating 6 Year in America (a fresh off the boat’s untold story)–  Finally told. It’s something I have been wanting to share for a very long time now. It’s also a post which helps to remind me why I started Pinay on the move and to keep me on track with topics to write about.

Now for the fun part, I nominate the following travel bloggers to My 7 Links:

1. Flipnomad.com

2. Pinay Travel Junkie

3. The Pinay Solo Backpacker

4. Travel Bug Juice

5. A View to a Thrill

15 Comments POTM’s take on the ‘My 7 Links’

  1. debbeard

    Great compilation of posts! I have enjoyed reading all your posts since starting the little adventure. I had no idea you are new to this too.

  2. Mark Wiens

    Hey Grace,

    Even though it’s only been 5 months you’ve published a lot of great articles! Great round-up here, I’ve read about half of them, and will check out the rest now.


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