Llama foetuses, naked ceramic couples and other witches’ trinkets

Scorned by a lover? Suffering from an oppressive boss? Or do you simply wish for good luck, fame and fortune?

Then step right up to the Witches’ Market in La Paz, Bolivia. Located in Calle Linares the street is lined with stores providing bizarre wares. It is also where witches, medicine women, folk doctors, astrologers, fortune tellers, sorcerers live and work.

AND for a boliviano or two you can take some purty pictures…just be careful not to show it to the feint of heart or to sweet little children.


The Witches’ Market Decoder

  • Llama fetus (dried): To protect the house. An estimated 99% of Bolivian families have a dried llama fetus thrown under the foundations of their house for luck.
  • Llama fetus (burnt on a plate of sweets and herbs): To ensure luck for a new business venture.
  • Dried frogs: For money. If you stick a cigarette in your frog’s mouth, your chances of striking it rich will increase.
  • Bolivian armadillos: Kind of like a Chubb alarm. Stick one above the entrance to your house, and it will prevent thieves from entering
  • Amulette d’amor (ceramic couple embracing): To get yourself hitched.


What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve seen?

18 Comments Llama foetuses, naked ceramic couples and other witches’ trinkets

  1. Grace

    It also reminded me of Baguio with the dried frogs. The llama was definitely creepy with the dry feathered skin and hollowed eyes. *shudder*.

  2. Grace

    It is a great spot for photos although you have to ask to take a photo first just to be on the safe side. I actually was curious if Turkey has something similar?

  3. Cathy Sweeney

    Very interesting, albeit bizarre stuff. I saw a dried old snakeskin in a town hall where there had been a wedding reception the night before. Someone said that it represented fertility for the newlyweds. I just thought it was pretty weird to be found in such a place.

  4. Robyn

    I found it really weird that at the Pompeii ruins in Italy they sell tons of little statues and figurines of penises. It was extra funny too because I was 16 when I was there and all the girls were giggling about buying one. I was too shy to take pictures.


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