Travel Photo Thursday: Mariachi Man, Pueblo de Los Angeles

Sometimes it takes a myopic second to capture a moment.

When you look at an old photo, do you ever wonder: “What is this person doing now?” 

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  1. budgettravelsac:

    Interesting photo! I've never thought about looking back on my photos like that. Great array of colors in the photo!
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  2. jade:

    Fun! I've never thought of that too- but I definitely want to go through ther photos I have and do the same thing.

  3. David @ MalaysiaAsia:

    I took a first look and it caught my attention. Nice approach to this.
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  4. Grace:

    thanks Jeremy

  5. Grace:

    let me know what you come up with =)

  6. Grace:

    Thanks David =)

  7. wilson:

    My girlfriend is Mexican, she loves mariachi music, so do I. Great pic. It's a great thing to think about
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  8. Grace:

    Wilson, mariachi music is so fun. I put it on sometimes when I cook.

  9. Laurel:

    I hardly ever get the chance to see Mariachis so enjoy it when I get the chance.

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